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5 Methods for Increasing Your Sales with Social Media + Zac’s Baby

by Heidi on August 7th, 2012

We’ve had a baby!  Our graphic/web designer, Zac, and his wife Ashley had a baby girl (pictured below).  Her Baby Olympianame is Olympia.

Zac and Ashley say she wasn’t named for the 2012 Olympics, but it was fitting that she came early and in time for the Games.

Now for today’s tip:  5 Methods for Increasing Your Sales with Social Media

Social media connects consumers with businesses.  In fact, consumers often prefer to interact with a business over social media instead through a corporate website; social media is user friendly.  However most online purchases are made through a company’s official website.

Therefore, it’s important to drive consumers from social sites to company websites.

Encouraging two-way traffic between social media and company websites is one of the best ways to drive traffic.  You can encourage this two-way traffic by connecting your social media profiles to your website.

Below are five methods for connecting your profiles in a way that will help increase your sales.

1. Optimize the attention-grabbing power of the corporate website.

If you intend to make sales by driving traffic to your company’s official website,  hold the consumer’s attention when they arrive.  Consider including product information, consumer reviews, and promotional offerings.  Allow consumers to add their own reviews and to comment on the reviews of others.  Encourage consumers to explore the website by offering account creation and login options.  Finally, consider developing a consumer forum for discussing products, asking questions and troubleshooting problems.

2. Use promotions.

Nothing excites consumers more than a good promotion.  Use promotions and contests to encourage customers to move back and forth between your company’s website and your social media profiles.  For example, if you are offering a certain product as a prize on a social media site, link the product back to its official page on your website.  Make sure your website has enough bandwidth to handle the traffic it will receive due to the promotion. One of the best ways to do this is by purchasing unlimited web hosting for your company’s website.

3. Add social media buttons to your company’s website.

Adding social media buttons to your website allows consumers to link their own social media profiles to products they like or to articles they find interesting.  Not only does this encourage more crossover between social media and your company’s official online presence, but it also makes the website feel more interactive for consumers.  Just the sight of these buttons and their familiarity automatically puts many consumers at ease.

4. Connect your website to your blog.

Today’s consumers love to learn more about their favorite brands by reading blog posts. By connecting your website to your blog, you encourage readers of your blog to consider your products.  Put a few lines from recent blog posts on the main page of your official website.  This connection will encourage two-way traffic between your blog and your website.  Serving your blog and company website from the same domain encourages even more crossover.  If you can’t serve both from the same domain, free blogging forums like WordPress allow you to link to and from your website’s homepage.

5. Use social bookmarking.

Your company’s social media profiles aren’t the only social tools available for driving traffic to your website.  Use social bookmarking sites such as Delicious, StumbleUpon and Reddit to announce new blog posts, new products, or new articles on your company’s website.

Using social media to connect with consumers is a great strategy, but it’s more effective for generating sales if use it to drive consumers to your official website. Utilize these techniques and entice consumers to visit your website and take a look around.

Rachel Nelson, Social Media SuperheroImplement these strategies now!  Contact our social media superhero, Rachel, to help you create an effective strategy!

For details on how to hire Rachel and the rest of our team of technical superheros – click here.

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